News Posted 8/13/09 - 11/25/09

  • (posted 11/25/09) Classmate Marilyn (Triebel) Johnson's father died November 22, 2009 at the age of 94.  Click underlined link for obituary.
  • (posted 11/25/09) Classmate John Dowling's Mother died November 22, 2009 at the age of 97- she would have been 98 on thanksgiving.  Click underlined link for obituary.
  • (posted 11/25/09) We are sorry to hear of the passing of our classmate Roosevelt Barbary Jr. on November 18, 2009. He died of advanced Prostate Cancer which was first diagnosed in 2000. In our high school years Roosevelt was probably best known for his sports activities both Football and Basketball. In his early life he worked as a machinist and then later doing home remodeling.
  • (posted 10/20/09)
    Classmate Joe Militello made a flight to Washington D.C. as part of a program to honor American War Veterans.  Joe was a sponsor and accompanied his veteran on the trip.  He encourages others to volunteer in this continuing program.  For the full story and pictures click the underlined link- Honor Flight.
  • (posted 10/3/09)
Missing classmate Jacqueline Marie Ragen has been found living in San Jose, CA.  This then led to the discovery that her son Christopher's father was another missing classmate John Skopinski who we are sorry to report died on New Years Eve 2008 in Phoenix, Arizona.  At the son's request, Jacqueline has created a memorial for John with a wonderful tribute and photos which she has shared with us - click on the underlined memorial link.
  • (posted 10/1/09) Classmate Nate Hubbard's mother died September 28, 2009 at 91.  Click underlined link for obituary.
  • (posted 9/21/09) In addition to the Friday Night Mixer pictures, another album of 140 pictures of the 50th Reunion Celebration has been added. This album shows the Saturday Night Dinner-dance, the Picnic, and the Sunday Brunch. It is available in the Gallery section to be viewed online.  Simply click the "Gallery" link above then choose the album from the table.
  • (posted 9/16/09) Several classmates in Rockford are forming a singles potluck to meet monthly to share dinner, conversation, have fun, and meet new friends. Although the planned group would be mainly from West High Class of 59, it is not limited to those classmates only.  For more information, comments, or suggestions call Julie (Peeples) Thompson at 815-742-0315 or Peter Wehrle at 815-397-5668.
  • (posted 9/12/09) We are sorry to hear of the passing of our classmate Donna Ann Piccirilli on Monday September 7, 2009.  Although there was a short obituary in the RRstar, the Funeral Home informs us that the family wishes to keep any services private.  We will try to contact the family directly for any further information.


  • (posted 8/23/09) Join us in expressing our sympathies to Peggy (Alyea) Schams who just lost her husband Dave August 1, 2009.  She plans to move from Sun City, AZ to Roscoe, IL staying with her Sons until she finds a place of her own.
  • (posted 8/21/09) Sunday August 22nd 2010 at the High School - REMEMBERING WEST 70 YEARS reunion sponsored by "Friends of West".  This includes members of ALL class years during the time West was a High School.
    (posted 11/6/09) To help with this event, click the underlined request for Celebration Volunteers.
  • (posted 8/13/09) Saturday September 11, 2010 - Yearly Class of 59 Mini reunion in Rockford, IL.

(posted 8/13/09)

The 50th Reunion was great fun for all!

We partied for three days and visited with our friends during a memorable weekend event.  There was plenty of food, music, laughter, dancing and conversation during the activities which included Golf, Walk/Run, Coronado Tour, Picnic, High School Tour, and many other events.  The attendance for the Friday night "Mixer" was 183 and for the Saturday night dinner dance was 230.  Another 45 attended the Sunday morning brunch.

There were attendees from all parts of the country - but who came the farthest? Well that distinction has to go to Howie Partch and Russell Rudolph who came from Anchorage, Alaska.  Now Gordy Hall, who lives in Klamath Falls, Oregon, may differ as he came to the reunion by way of Zimbabwe, Dubai, Frankfurt, and India!

Here are some other statistics gleaned from the directory data update:

  • The classmate with the most Children (9) is Marilynn (VanDenberg) Williams.
  • Most Grandchildren (23) is Suzanne (Warr) Schafman.
  • Most Great Grandchildren (10) is Linda (Carlson) Stai.

Suzanne did not attend the reunion but we assume she must have been too busy babysitting all of her 23 Grandchildren!

If you didn't order the VIDEO DVD at the reunion, you can still order it now. More details and ordering information is available by clicking the underlined link.  A special 50th reunion song composed by Mike Williamson and performed for the first time at the Saturday dinner dance is included on the DVD.