News Posted 1/7/10 - 6/15/10

  • (posted 4/18/10) Myron Clausen, the husband of Andrea (Helton) Clausen, died June 15, 2010 at 72. See his obituary for more details.

  • (posted 6/1/10) Read this RRstar article about the planned makeover slated for West Middle School June 18-26, 2010.

  • (posted 4/30/10) This announcement from Kay Chrislock: "Hi everybody.  I wanted to let you know about a great opportunity to share in.  Heartland Church is going to be painting and renovating West High this year along with a school in Cherry Valley.  We did East High and Summerdale last year.  It's all run thru volunteers and is a great feeling to know that you have brightened the halls and walls of a place that educates our kids. But.....this time it's really going to be special!!  If you are interested in volunteering (only about 5 hours is required) go to    to learn more about it.  I will be happy to put more info on here as it happens.  It will be sometime in June after the halls have been cleared of kids. Blessings - Kay Chrislock." Also see the Sharefest website in the related links section.
  • (posted 4/24/10) See additional news about the REMEMBERING WEST 70 YEARS reunion Sunday August 22nd 2010 at the High School - sponsored by "Friends of West".  This includes members of ALL class years during the time West was a High School. See the first posting on 8/21/09 for more information

  • (posted 4/12/10) Jean Grover's Mother Jean died April 6, 2010 at 89. Her Father William Grover is still living but in poor health. See her obituary for more details.

  • (posted 3/1/10) Some additional information about Dick Benson has become available courtesy of John Contarino to supplement the original story posted on 1/24/10. It appears to be an obituary written from the perspective of his bridge friends and includes a recent photo. Click on more about Dick Benson.

  • (posted 1/27/10) Classmate Joe Militello's Mother died January 24, 2010 at the age of 94 as her dementia got steadily worse. Visitation is in Rockford on Friday January 29th and the funeral on Saturday. For more details and a photo see the obituary.

  • (posted 1/24/10) We are sorry to hear of the passing of our classmate Dick Benson on January 22, 2010. Dick lived in LeRoy, IL (near Bloomington). He leaves his wife Christine and others -see his obituary for more details. Here is how classmate Howie Partch remembers Dick: "Dick Benson was a name you never forgot. The smartest classmate who was still just Dick or Benson. A fellow who loved sports more than all of us, who sat on the bench, did the statistics, and cheered and cheered. A ping pong player no one could beat. I don't think I have seen Dick since we graduated. There was only only one Dick Benson, and "

    And then from Al Acker: "Howard--You captured a lot about Dick (NEVER Richard) Benson that I remember one other memory which may seem odd: he had some of the most legible handwriting I can ever remember reading...but it was also very distinctive, very vertical, big looping letters and very bold."

    (posted 1/25/10) From Gordy Hall: "Dick was an especially frustrating person with whom to play ping pong. He didn't have an especially fancy serve, and he seldom tried to "put away" a shot, but he invariably returned whatever you sent his way unless the ball was totally out of his reach. I lost lots of games to him by literally "beating myself."

    I was aware of his bridge prowess. He had over 12,000 master points, I believe. That is an incredible number of master points, and I suspect he gave himself over to bridge as much as any player in the country. Alas, his final opponent bid and made seven no-trump against him."

    (posted 1/26/10) John Contarino and Angie (Opengo) Ulbrich attended Dick's funeral January 25, 2010 in LeRoy, IL as summarized in John's email of January 24th to Yahoo Groups (our class internet chatroom [RockfordClassOf59]).

    From Vince Provenzano: "Dick Benson along with being a great Bridge player (he told me his daughter Martha was probably better than him) was also a die hard Cub fan.  During the late 50's, Dick's grandmother lived on Roscoe Street which was three blocks away from Wrigley Field.  I took several trips with him to visit his grandmother and subsequently saw several Cub games.  The Cubs were very bad at that time and tickets were readily available at game time. Grandstand seats behind home plate were $1.50.  When the Cubs finally got better and won divisional championships, I could expect a call from Dick to pessimistically discuss the Cubs opportunities to move on in the playoffs.  Of course, they did not.  Maybe now when Dick meets the baseball gods, he will be able to prevail on them to get the Cubbies to win the World Series after over 100 years."


  • (posted 1/19/10) Classmate David Ollman's Mother died January 6, 2010 at the age of 91 following a lengthy battle with cancer. Click the underlined link for the obituary. An online guestbook and photo is available via the funeral home in Bedford, PA.
  • (posted 1/13/10) We are sorry to hear of the passing of our classmate Bob Scofield on January 12, 2010. Arrangements are pending at Fitzgerald Funeral Home, Riverside Chapel in Rockford, IL. Visitation is Friday January 15, 2010 from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm with memorial services at 6:00 pm. Click on the underlined link for the full obituary. The photo below right is of Bob and his wife Alice at the 50th Class Reunion August 15, 2009.
  • (posted 1/7/10)

    Can you identify the 6 classmates in this picture?

    Celebrating New Years Eve (2009/10) at the Lombardi Club in Rockford were (LtoR): Jeff Saunders, Mary Lou (Spinello) White, Mary Ann (Cacciatore) Vincent, Dick Vincent, Jim White, Patty Crow, Ron Ingrassia, and Grace Saunders.

  • (posted 1/7/10) Lyle Clugg has written an interesting story of a good friend who developed Alzheimer's along with a book recommendation Still Alice by Lisa Genova with many similarities to what happened to his friend.