News Posted 1/1/12 - 6/30/12


Jeanine Hanford Died in Kansas City, MO

(posted 6/18/12) Jeanine Hanford died August 18, 2010 in a Kansas City Hospice House at age 69. She had been on our "missing list" until found by some dilligent searching on the web by Judy (Provasi) VanHeesch. According to the obituary, Jeanine must have moved to Kansas City, MO to be near her brother and his family.

Husband of Sandra (Nelson) Mellenthin dies at 64

(posted 6/14/12) Dale Mellenthin the husband of Classmate Sandra (Nelson) Mellenthin died on June 12, 2012 at the age of 65. Dale and Sandy were married for 36 years. They live in rockford where Sandy regularly attends the annual reunions. Shown is a photo of them at the 50th reunion. For more information see the obituary.

Cheap Trick guitarist rocks Rockford

(posted 5/28/12) Classmate David Ollman who resides in Reston, VA noticed this interesting article in the Washington Post that triggered memories of the town where he grew up. As most of you know, Rick Nielson is the lead guitarist of the band Cheap Trick that he formed in Rockford about 1972. He was born in Rockford and lived there for much of his life.

In April of 2012 Rick and his 35-year old son conducted a tour of Rockford for the Washington Post travel reporter Andrea Sachs which resulted in the story published in the Post May 26, 2012. Follow the various links in the Washington Post Story including the band website with photos and other interesting sites in Rockford. The band is performing at the MetroCentre in Rockford on June 1, 2012.

Jerry Rotello in Talent Contest

Click to play the video (posted 4/30/12) We have been following The Jerry Rotello story and the information supplied by the assisted living home (Heritage Woods in Belvidere, IL) was that Jerry was just short of the number of votes needed to make the top ten in the AALC talent contest. Making the top ten would have allowed him to compete in the finals being held on April 30, 2012. To refresh your memory, an email was sent to all friends and classmates asking for their vote for Jerry who entered the AALC (Affordable Assisted Living Coalition) talent contest. Over a year ago, Jerry developed a serious medical condition with his legs that forced him into a wheel chair. With no one to give him the constant care he needed to continue to live in his own home, he eventually moved into an assisted living  home in Belvidere, IL. Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote and for wishing him well.

Lenna Louise (Dobbs) Passes On

(posted 3/31/12) We have lost another classmate Lenna Louise (Dobbs) Koch who passed away March 28, 2012. Lenna was last listed in the 1957 yearbook during our Sophomore year. The photo lower left is from the 1956 Roosevelt Junior High yearbook. For more details, see her obituary.



Marion (Nardiello) Licari lost her son at 44

(posted 2/22/12) James Licari, the son of our classmate Marion (Nardiello) Licari, passed away February 18, 2012 in Rockford at 44. Click here for the obituary and photo collection.

John Casper's Mother has Died

(posted 2/4/12) Sophie Casper, the mother of our classmate John Casper Jr., passed away February 2, 2012 in Rockford at 93. Click here for the obituary