News Posted 7/21/13 - 12/19/13


Sandra (Johnson) Ackerman has lost her husband

(posted 12/19/13)
ROSCOE, IL — Classmate Sandra R. Johnson has lost her husband Gerald "Jerry" Ackerman at the age of 71. He died suddenly on December 17, 2013. For more information and to leave a condolence see the obituary.




100 Years, 100 Greeting Cards, 100 Guests

(posted 12/2/13)
ROCKFORD, IL — Frances Ingrassia, mother of classmate Ron Ingrassia, has just turned 100 years old on November 21, 2013. To honor her new centenarian status, an OPEN HOUSE was held so friends and relatives could come to visit and celebrate.




Gordy and Sandy Hall Explore the State of Oregon

(posted 11/16/13)
KLAMATH FALLS, OR — Gordy Hall and his wife Sandy took a three week fall vacation in their RV to explore their newly adopted state of Oregon. Gordy was kind enough to share with us some highlights of their trip.


Sandy (Jorgensen) Nagel has Lost her Husband

(posted 11/15/13)
FAIRFIELD BAY, AR — We just learned that Irv Nagel, the husband of Sandy (Jorgensen) Nagel, died August 15, 2013 after fighting kidney and parkinson's disease. They have been living both in Fairfield Bay, AR and Webster, WI. See his obituary for more information.


Texas Classmate Succumbs to Colon Cancer

(posted 10/21/13)
PEARLAND, TX - Linda (Carlson) Stai has died May 10, 2013 due to complications after colon cancer surgery. Her husband for 52 years, William Stai, was by her side along with many other family members as described by her daughter LorriAnn Pashkow who was kind enough to inform us of what had happened and supply the obituary details.

Linda had been sick for much of her life as explained by her good friend and our "Class of 59" classmate Flora Jean (Carter) Samuel of Polo, IL. They are both shown in the photo at the right taken at the 50th reunion with Linda on the left and Flora Jean on the right.

Prior to her retirement, Linda worked in School Food Service and as of August 2009, had aquired a rather large family of six children, fifteen grandchildren, and ten great-grandchildren.


Home/Hospice Care-Giver Dies Leaving Large Family

(posted 9/24/13)
ANTIGO, WI - Margaret "Peggy" (Alyea) Euler passed away September 21, 2013 at the age of 72. Recently married to Lawrence Euler Jr in 2012, she previously lost the father of her five children, Deane Peckham in 1995, to a fatal heart attack then, in 2009, lost David Schams who had five children of his own. David Schams and Peggy are shown in the photo at the right taken in August 2004 at the class 45th Reunion.

Peggy spent her early years at home raising her children and then went back to school to train for the job she loved most - working in home care and hospice. She also found another similar type of compassionate endeavor with her son in the mission field in Cambodia where she taught English. For more details, please read her obituary and 40th reunion autobiography.


Ginny (Bufalo) Harezlak Celebrates 50th Anniversary

(posted 9/23/13)
ROCKFORD, IL - The following article was published in the RRstar September 8, 2013:

Our parents, John and Ginger Harezlak of Rockford are celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary. John and the former Ginger Bufalo were married September 14th, 1963 at St. Anthony’s Church. The couple has 3 children: John (Theresa), Chuck and Dave (Michele); and 4 grandchildren: Joe, Jack, Zeke and Gabe. They will be celebrating this day by renewing their vows and having a special celebration with their immediate family. Through their years of raising their children and spending time with their grandchildren, they have shown unconditional love for their faith, family and friends. They are truly a gift.

To learn Ginger's special secret to what contributes to a happy relationship and marriage along with the story of nauseous gas fumes coming from John's 1930 Model A on their first date, read Ginger's own 50th anniversary story.


Dick Greenberg Bravely Faces Cancer Diagnosis

(posted 9/13/13)
LOS ALTOS HILLS, CA — We just received the following news about classmate Dick Greenberg from his wife and children:

Dear Friends,
We want to inform you that Dick has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of esophageal cancer that has rapidly spread to his liver and lungs. He does not have long to live. Five weeks ago he was lifting his usual 200 lbs. at the gym but felt weak and had a cough. We originally thought the cause was either allergies or bronchitis. When the antibiotics didn’t work he went to get a CT scan that revealed cancer.

He is currently resting in bed at home, surrounded by his family and friends. He told us that he has lived a great life and that you were all a part of it. He is at peace because he knows “the future looks bright” and he couldn’t have asked for anything more. He will always be in our hearts.

Please forward this email to more of Dick’s friends as we only have a few email addresses available. And please share any messages, stories or photos with us through this [hospice] website. We will share them as a family and reminisce about his great life.

With love,
Linda, Matt and Jason

Selecting the "website" link mentioned above will take you to the Hospice Journey website that has been chosen by the family to provide information about Dick's condition and allow his friends to view and submit photos, enter "Guest Book" comments, and to reflect on his life. The photo at the right shows Dick and Linda at the 50th reunion dinner.

(posted 9/14/13) LOS ALTOS HILLS, CA — We just received the following update about Dick from his wife and children:

Dick passed away this afternoon, September 13th, at 4:55 pm PST at home in bed. He went peacefully. His breathing simply slowed down until it stopped and he was gone. Knowing how strong Dick was throughout his life, we feel relief that he passed so quickly. And you know what, the future does look bright because he will always be a part of our lives and in our hearts. He was truly a great man.

Services will most likely be held this Wednesday, September 18th, at Congregation Beth Am - 26790 Arastradero Rd. Los Altos Hills, CA 94022. Everyone is welcome to attend. We will confirm the time and date this weekend.

Thank you for all your support and memories.
Linda, Matt and Jason

(posted 9/17/13) The family has asked everyone who is planning to attend the service Wednesday, September 18th, at 11:00 a.m. at Congregation Beth Am - 26790 Arastradero Rd. Los Altos Hills, CA 94022 to share some of Dick's best anecdotes.

(posted 9/23/13) LOS ALTOS HILLS, CA — We just received the following update about Dick from his wife and children:

Dear friends and family,

Dick told us that he envisioned a crowd of 10 at his funeral so he would have been humbled to know that over 200 people were in attendance. He would have been honored, as we were, to know that so many of his friends and co-workers from the various stages of his life and from varying distances (i.e. Hawaii, Canada, D.C.) came to pay him tribute. The anecdotes you shared were heartfelt and I’m not sure anyone could say that they have a more eloquent group of friends. It was also nice to catch up with you at our house. It was a day filled with grief but you all made it memorable.

We would like to thank everyone who shared a memory on this [hospice] web site as well as at his service. It has given us great insight into Dick’s life as a friend and colleague. Please keep in touch and whenever you hoist a glass of single malt, toast to Dick.

With love,
Linda, Jason and Matt

Additional information can be found in the obituary.


Class Super Tupperware Entrepreneur Passes On

(posted 9/8/13)
SOUDERTON, PA - Regina (Rex) Pannozo-White passed away August 6, 2013 at the age of 72. She had lung cancer. From her first Tupperware Party in 1964 she built a thriving business with sales records exceeding all expectations. She went on to become an executive in the Tupperware Corporation in Orlando, FL.

Please read her poignant story of life's pleasant and painful experiences as told in her 40th reunion autobiography and obituary.


Jan (Johnson) Potter is Gone but not Forgotten

(posted 7/23/13)
ROCKFORD, IL — Classmate Janaan "Jan" (Johnson) Baker Potter is gone at 71 just three days short of her 72nd birthday. Jan loved the "West Class of 59" and has served on the Reunion Committee - attending meetings and helping to organize the reunions. She always had an intense interest in the Class and her classmates. Being actively involved in class activites, helped her deal with her long illness. She is shown in the photo at the right at the 52nd Mini-reunion with her husband Dennis who has been there providing support for her as needed. For more information and to leave a condolence see the obituary.


Father of Sue (Flink) Cowan has died at 96

(posted 7/21/13)
ROCKFORD, IL — Classmate Sue (Flink) Cowan has lost her father Roy G. Flink at 96. For more information and to leave a condolence see the obituary.