News Posted 6/9/15 - 12/1/15


Starr (Ogilby) Zeder Dies at 73

(posted 12/1/15)
GLENWOOD SPRINGS, COLORADO — We have just learned today that Classmate Starr (Ogilby) Zeder had died July 17, 2015 at the age of 73. Starr was very involved with sports and active all of her life despite having Type 1 diabetes since she was nine years old.

She leaves a husband Dick Zeder, brother Chuck Ogilby and two children.

Starr and Richard Zeder had been married for 45 years. They were married in Rockford July 11, 1970 at the Second Congregational Church with wedding reception at the Rockford Country Club.

More information can be found in her obituary.

Virginia (Burke) Snyder Dies at 74

(posted 11/22/15)
ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS — Classmate Virginia "Ginny" (Burke) Snyder died November 21, 2015 at the age of 74. Ginny was part of our class starting with Westview Elementary School, Roosevelt Junior High, and then on to graduation at West High with the class of 1959.

Ginny has attended several class reunions over the years. The photo at the right is the latest we have from the 55th reunion Friday mixer showing Ginny and her husband Don. This was the same year that the couple celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary as covered by a story that appeared on this website in the news section posted April 29, 2013.

In recent years, Ginny has suffered from several serious medical conditions. She had type II diabetes, heart disease including a quadruple bi-pass operation and regular dialysis treatments for kidney failure. All of the medical procedures took a tremendous toll on her body finally ending her life.

See her obituary for more information.


Carl Maggio's Mother has Died at 93

(posted 11/18/15) ROCKFORD, IL — Angeline Mary Maggio, the Mother of Carl Maggio, passed away November 14, 2015. She was born January 11, 1922. Carl lives in Charleston, SC and you may remember his sister Stella (Maggio) Dobbins from the West High Class of 1960 who lives in Rockford. See the obituary for more information and online condolences.


Lynn Blair Moves to California

(posted 10/27/15)
ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS — In October 2015 classmate Lynn Blair decided to get away from the cold Rockford winters and give his asthma a treat by moving to California. Several of his friends got together at Joey C's restaurant (John Canova's son's place) to give him a proper send-off. You may recognize several of our claassmates in the event photos.





Ron Ingrassia has Lost his Mother at 101

(posted 9/27/15) ROCKFORD, IL — Frances (Sciortino) Ingrassia, the Mother of Ron Ingrassia, has passed away September 26, 2015. Born November 21, 1913, Frances has achieved centenarian status as featured in a previous news story posted December 2, 2013 on this website. She had been living in her own home mostly taking care of herself until just three weeks ago. With a little help from her family and Hospice, she managed to pass on to heaven when she was ready and on her own terms. Read Fran's obituary for more information.


Gordy Hall Explores NW in Motorcycle-sidecar Rig

(posted 9/19/15)
To celebrate his 74th birthday and test out his new Honda sidecar rig (shown at the right), Gordon Hall and Wife Sandy headed north to visit friends and relatives. The destination was Oregon, Washington, and Canada. Sandy rides in the enclosed sidecar but Gordon prefers to brave the elements.

In Anacortes, Washington they visted classmate Howard Partch and his wife Serena. The photos were taken by Howard as the couple departed in the rain heading north. You can read more as written by Gordon by following the link to the story of the NW trip.


Lorna (Coupar) Nielsen Dies at 73

(posted 9/14/15)
ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS — Classmate Lorna Jane (Coupar) Nielsen died September 10, 2015 at the age of 73. Lorna was part of our class starting with Church Elementary School, Roosevelt Junior High, and then on to graduation at West High with the class of 1959.

Sundberg Funeral Home is assisting the family but services held on September 12, 2015 were for the family only. Although little public information was available, we researched our own class obituary.


Mother of Sue (Flink) Cowan has died at 94

(posted 9/2/15)
ROCKFORD, IL — Classmate Sue (Flink) Cowan has lost her Mother Lillian Rosella Flink at age 94 on August 27, 2015. Her father died in 2013 at age 96 as posted on this site July 21, 2013. For more information and to leave a condolence see the obituary.


New Book on Amazon Published by Classmate

(posted 7/12/15) MACHESNEY PARK, IL — In today's complicated world of social turmoil, continuous war, and senseless acts of violence it may be worth looking no further then the writings of our own classmate Phyllis (Taylor) Peterson who has just published a new book "The Universal Theory of Man: Authority of Self" now available on Amazon as a Kindle e-book.

She outlines the 28 powers of humankind that make up "Authority of Self" and defines each power both theologically and psychologically. She then shows how they are all interlinked and how a deficit of "Authority of Self" is one of the causes of violence and genocide in War. The book is an accumulation of stories for all ages to illustrate the concerns about the lack of morality and conscience in the world today. She provides a new way of looking at all ages and the issues of labeling people, authority, anger and bullying followed by a statement on the promise of world peace.

Phyllis is a teacher, lecturer and president of Skylark Publishing Company where she has offered materials to Family Violence Shelters across the United States since 1989. Her teaching experiences include Family Violence Shelters, Women’s and Men’s Prisons, Universities, Community Colleges, Pre-schools, Nursing homes, PTA’s, Child Abuse Prevention Conferences, Schools, Community Centers, Orphanages, and Catholic Social Service Agencies in England, China, Japan, Thailand, the Marshall Islands, Swaziland, Botswana, and South Africa.

In her spare time, she has managed to publish five other books:  “Assisting the Traumatized Soul”; “Healing the Wounded Soul”;“The Heroic Female Spirit: A Collection of 9 Tales,” composed of stories of women and girls as heroes, “Remaining Faithful,” to your spouse and your principles; “Seeking Intimacy in a Diverse Community: Seeking the Spiritual Reality of the Mentally Ill, the Physically Challenged, and the Emotionally Wounded,” published by George Ronald Publishers in England.

For more information about Phyllis, her work, and her teachings follow the link to her website Skylark Publishing Company.


Chris Saudargas has Lost her Mother at 99

(posted 6/9/15) ROCKFORD, IL — Alice Saudargas, the well-known Mother of classmate Alice Christine (Saudargas) Mason, has passed away June 8, 2015.  She was a "Friend of West High" as she served on the district 205 school board and fought for many West High issues including opposition to the conversion of West to a middle school.  Alice's husband Alex was the legendary basketball coach of West who won the 1955 State basketball championship.

Classmate Chris, who was featured in a news story March 5, 2015 on this website that you can read below, lives in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Read her Mother's obituary and RRstar front-page news story for more information.