News Posted 1/2/17 - 6/30/17


Wife of Ray Camacho passed at 76

(posted 6/30/17) ROCKTON, IL — Vivienne Camacho, the Wife of classmate Raymond Camacho died Tuesday, June 27, 2017 in Loyola Medical Center. Raymond predeceased her September 20, 2012.

Visitation will be held in McCorkle Funeral Home 767 N Blackhawk Blvd Rockton, IL from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. Sunday, July 2, 2017. See her obituary for more information. Also for reference see Ray's obituary published here in 2012.



Barbara H. Fischer Passes on at 75

(posted 6/16/17)
DURAND, Illinois — Barbara H. (Fischer) Estes died June 14, 2017.

Barbara graduated West in 1959. She married Lloyd V. Estes in Rockford, IL on September 12, 1959.

Funeral ceremonies will be held at 2:00 p.m., Saturday, June 17, 2017 at Faith Community Church, 212 W Mc Kimmy St, Davis, IL, with Pastor Bob Kolb officiating.

See her obituary for more information.


Mother of Penny (Unger) Martenson passed at 94

(posted 6/7/17) ROCKFORD, IL — Jeanette J. Unger, the Mother of classmate Penny (Unger) Martenson, passed away June 5, 2017 after a long life of 94 years. Jeanette outlived two of her four daughters including our classmate Penny who died April 20, 2014.

Service is Friday June 9, 2017. See her obituary for more information.


Death of Ronald Yohe in 2015 Recently Discovered

(posted 5/19/17)
WILTON, IOWA — Upon following up with a returned email, it was discovered that Ronald Gene Yohe had died November 25th 2015. He leaves his wife Janice.

Ron attended West during his Sophomore and Junior years where he played in the Band. It appears that he may have moved away either before or during his senior year.

See his obituary for more information.


Janaan (Johnson) Potter's Husband Dies

(posted 4/14/17) ROCKFORD, IL — Dennis Potter, the husband of the late classmate Janaan (Johnson) Potter, died in his sleep Tuesday April 11, 2017. Janaan predeceased him on July 21, 2013 about four years ago.

Dennis, who was a local accountant for over 50 years, attended many of our reunion commitee meetings over the years as a chauffeur for his wife Janaan who had Diabetes and could not drive. Dennis also helped with some of the reunion tasks by providing help from his office administrative services.

Visitation and service is Tuesday and Wednesday April 17-18, 2017. See his obituary for more information.


Judy Vance has Lost her Mother at 98

(posted 3/28/17) ROCKFORD, IL — Cleora G. Vance, the Mother of classmate Judith (Vance) Smith, passed away March 24, 2017 after a long life of 98 years. Born August 27, 1918, Cleora had a full life of family (three daughters) and church (Beth Eden).

Service is Friday March 31, 2017. See her obituary for more information.


"Buster" Hargraves uses Visually Impaired Radio

(posted 2/13/17)
ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS - In an article by Georgette Braun in today's RRstar, our classmate Walter "Buster" Hargraves was mentioned as a user of the NIRIS (Northern Illinois Radio Information Service). This service provides a special radio broadcast originating from Northern Illinois University in DeKalb where volunteers read aloud various newspapers including the RRstar along with the Belvidere Daily Republican, the Chicago Tribune, the Washington Post and many others.

Walter, who has macular degeneration, likes to listen to the RRstar 9-10 am weekdays. "That is about the only way I get local news, " Hargraves said. The NIRIS broadcasts on an FM sub-band and is received on a special free radio box.


Gordon Hall Dies of Sudden Heart Attack

(posted 1/28/17)
PALM DESERT, CALIFORNIA — It is hard to believe our beloved Gordon Hall is gone. He suffered a massive heart attack while biking - one of his favorite activities. Gordon who always showed a special interest in the West High Class of 59 even as he moved along to graduate from higher education institutions. In his spare time, he helped to find some of our missing classmates and attended most major reunions.

Gordon is shown at the right with his wife Sandy at the 55th reunion in 2014.

Check out his obituary where you can read his full biography written for the 40th reunion. Also there is a recent story with photos published below January 2, 2017 as the couple travel the country in the summer of 2016 enroute to Montreal for his 50th Medical School Reunion.

In addition an interesting story was published September 19, 2015 (look in our archives) as Gordon and Sandy celebrate his 74th birthday in their new Honda sidecar rig.

A celebration of life will be held on Saturday February 4 at their home in Palm Desert California. Condolences can be sent directly to Sandy at her email and cards to 36957 Crown St, Palm Desert, CA 92211.


Gordon Hall Travels the USA and Canada

(posted 1/2/17)
KLAMATH FALLS, OREGON — In order to check off several items on his bucket list, classmate Gordon Hall and his wife Sandy traveled extensively both with his Honda Goldwing Motorcycle and his RV Motorhome.

As shown in the photo at the right, they started in the summer of 2016 with a trip to Independence Pass in Colorado. Then later they set out in their RV Motorhome pulling a Honda Civic in tow and heading east toward Gordon's 50th medical school reunion in Montreal. On the way, they managed to visit the Grand Ole Opry, Smoky Mountains, Boston, Maine, and the Canadian Maritime Provinces including the Tidal Bore on the Bay of Fundy.

You can read the whole interesting story as told by Gordon along with his close call on the highway, a video, and some A cappella music.